About CellGF Biomed

CellGF Biomed is a professional nucleic acid technology company, especially in mRNA synthesis technology. The goal of CellGF Biomed is applying mRNA technology in drug/vaccine development. Many studies have proved that emerging mRNA therapies use the body as a production factory to produce drugs that can treat their diseases, and nucleotide-based drugs could break through the problem of genetic diseases, autoimmune diseases, cancer and viral infections that cannot be solved by small molecule drug or protein drug.

The most important key technology to mRNA drug/vaccine development is the “Nucleotide-modified mRNA technology platform". In order to build a unique mRNA synthetic platform, CellGF Biomed has developed a series of biological process technologies to synthesize many key nucleotides, specially modified nucleotides and enzymes. CellGF Biomed has exclusive technology that could greatly reduce the cost of mRNA drug/vaccine development and promote mRNA stability.

The technological innovation of CellGF Biomed is using special enzymes to produce nucleotides in biological reaction. Our nucleotide biological process technology has three advantages: natural sources, stable supply, and non-toxic. Our nucleotides could be used as research reagents for molecular detection and raw materials for skin care products, health products, medical products and medicines. At present, there is lack of professional commissioned production services for RNA medicines in the world. In the future, CellGF Biomed will assist domestic and foreign academic research institutes and new drug companies to produce RNA medicines through customized commissioning services. CellGF Biomed hope to be the leading team to develop new nucleotide application products.

About CellGF BioMed